The Rockas is a continuation of former well-recognized reggae formation Rocka’s Delight, originating from late eighties Tri-City’s culture phenomenon named Gdansk Alternative Scene.

Recently the band performs with the vocalists from Nigeria, Mauritius and Senegal, representing various musical styles and cultures.

The Rockas proposes their original roots-reggae songs, which are characterized by the style and rhythmic maturity earned over the years as well as engaged verbal sphere. TR’s music refers to a classical reggae songs; however the band is also opened for the repertoire representing related styles based on deep and trance rhythms.

The musicians cooperate with dub masters of the younger generation  resultantly their concerts and recordings are enriched with the sounds of modern dub effects.

One of the The Rockas’ compositions was included in the compilation entitled “Dub Out of Poland Part 3”, published by Antena Krzyku. Currently the band is focused on the work over its first full-length studio material.

Contact: dubrockas@gmail.com

Darek Jasionek, ph.: +48 694 401 824

The Rockas are:

Rasta Nation – voc.
Ras Paddy – voc., melodeclamation
Góo Ba – voc, guitar;

The Rockas are:

Darek – keyboards;
Mirek – bass;
Karlos – drums;

The Rockas are:

Marten – guitars;
Piotrek – rhytm keyboards;
Rodriguez – percussions;



CD Tracks

  1. Come 4:59
  2. Mauritius welcomes U 4:03
  3. Diiwaan 4:10
  4. Gift of Jah 4:12
  5. Asamaan ak Suuf (Niebo i Ziemia) 3:36
  6. War 3:54
  7. La Chose 3:50
  8. Brain 5:27
  9. Rasta Nation 4:20
  10. Prejudice Dub 5:34
  11. Don’t Let Them Dub 3:53
  12. Dub Agony 3:38

Total time 52:05



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We can also arrange private performances on application.

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